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Almost 10 years ago, a lifestyle brand came into being, originating from a small tour that only a handful of friends have been enjoying for some days, back in 2013. And so, one thing was clear after this first tour: it was not the last event of its kind that came into being, as people had huge loads of fun and an unbelievably exciting and joyful time.
The vision to create an international lifestyle brand that combines exotic automobiles with inspirational people spending a high-level road trip adventure through Europe, together, was the spark. Turning this idea into an enterprise that would solely be founded to carry out the future Lion’s Run Editions was the logical consequence.



Lion’s Run immediately started to gain very high attention from lifestyle and automotive enthusiasts all over Europe and from the very beginning, the young company was working with experienced partners in order to accomplish all expectations we put into Lion’s Run, amongst a strong team of organizational and marketing specialized employees.

Sven Salomon, an entrepreneur from Munich who has been participating in Lion’s Run since inception, was one of the founders and from the very first moment the perfect head of the team.

“From my point of view, Lion’s Run is the most incredible and innovative concept I have ever experienced in my life. It’s a huge family and I am gladly putting my commitment into Lion’s Run to make it even greater and greater every from year to year!”

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